16 Inch Leg Castscratcher

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The Castscratcher slim profile allows it to slide effortlessly into to any cast. With its flexible design the Castscratcher can easily follow the contour of your leg or arm, making it easy to relieve any itch!

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5 reviews for 16 Inch Leg Castscratcher

  1. Linda

    I broke my wrist a month ago and within days of having a cast put on the itching is driving me crazy so I did a search and found Anthony’s website. I mediately placed an order then I called Anthony because I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was located on Oahu! I received the true “Aloha”
    treatment from Anthony. In a matter of days I received my cast scratcher and I have maintained my sanity. Not only is it safe but it’s very efficient and it saved me from possibly cutting or hurting myself by sticking anything else down in there to relieve the itch!

  2. Kathleen P (verified owner)

    Wonderful! This was a life saver. Worked great to relieve itchiness inside my leg cast. It seemed very safe and effective to use. Made having a cast tolerable. If you have a cast, you need this. If you know someone who has a cast, buy this for them. My cast went from my toes to my knee. The 16” one was perfect.

  3. Donna (verified owner)

    The castscratcher saved my sanity! It’s very well-made and arrived quickly, right in the nick of time since I was about to resort to anything to reach that itch.

  4. Dani I

    Aloha! My nephew broke his arm pitching and now the middle school baseball champ is sidelined the rest of the season with a cast from his armpit to his wrist. What does not work when you get an itch under a cast? Pencils, rulers, hangers, chopsticks, and spaghetti noodles. What does work? THE ORIGINAL CASTSCRATCHER! It’s thin and strong enough to snake between skin and cast; its raised textured surface is gentle enough to provide relief and not tear up skin; and it’s inobtrusive enough to wear inside the cast so it’s always within reach when you need it. Mahalo, Anthony for creating a much-needed product, shipping it lightning fast to the Mainland, and for being such a pleasure to work with!

  5. Chelsea Baratz (verified owner)

    Hi folks! Repeat customer here… I first found Cast Scratchers in 2013 when I had to have a knee-high cast for 2 months. After my surgery, I attempted to scratch with the sodden handle of a rubber cooking spatula (it was tapered and everything!) and the resulting bunched cotton caused a skin ulcer. I still have the scar from that to this day… so how to safely scratch??? This product is AMAZING & the scratch is fantastic. The new one I received is glow in the dark so hard to lose (though I find it comfy to just leave it stuck down in the bandage!). I’m at Mt Sinai in nyc right now recovering from another foot surgery & the nurses are obsessed.

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